Timeless Essentials invites you to relax, step back from a world filled with chemicals and surround yourself with natural, affordable, handmade soap, bath and body products.  We believe that everyone should experience scents the way nature intended.

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What makes our soaps so special?

Our soap is all glycerin based with the highest amount of glycerin available world wide.  Most glycerin soap available in Canada has a glycerin percentage of 2% or less, our soap has a glycerin base of 9-11%, please note that at 14% we can no longer set soap into hard bars.  Timeless Essentials imports our soap base from England.  Using this high quality base we then combine all natural colour pigments and essential oils from all over the world to create our wonderful soaps.

You may ask why you should give up your regular soap for Glycerin soap.  When glycerin soap is used, the glycerin pulls the moisture out of the air and brings it to the body, whereas most commercial soaps pull the moisture out from your inner self to the surface.

We also offer the Bare naked line which is scent free and colour free.  Our entire Bare naked line works well for those with scent allergies, those in treatment for different illnesses, those working in scent free zones and those wanting a great quality base to add their own essential oil scents to.  Timeless Essentials Bare naked line consists of our massage soap, shae butter beauty bar, lip balm, body butter, pure natural shampoo and conditioner, soothing milk bath, plus a soothing oatmeal bath.

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